A Clean Vape is a Happy Vape: How to Clean Vape Coils

By admin / May 5, 2019

Vaping is more popular than ever. It’s a great alternative to smoking that’s healthier and less expensive than buying cigarettes. 

But unlike cigarettes, vapes require a minimal amount of upkeep. The better you care for your device, the longer it will last and provide great flavor. 

This article takes a look at how to clean vape coils so that you’ll get the best taste each time you vape. Keep reading to learn the simple steps for an optimal vaping experience.

Cleaning the Vape Tank

First, be sure to clean the vape tank.

Take the tank apart. Then wash the individual parts in warm water. It’s important to hold each part under running water and rinse them thoroughly before drying them with a paper towel. 

If you haven’t cleaned the tank for a while, it might need a bit of extra care. Place a bowl of water in the microwave and heat it for a couple of minutes. Now place your tank parts in the heated water and let them soak until the water cools. Rinse a second time and set aside to dry completely before reassembling for use.

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Cleaning the Vape Coils

Cleaning the vape coils is a bit more complicated. The proper method will depend on the type of coils you use. The two types of vape coils are replaceable and rebuildable. 

Replaceable Coils

Replaceable coil heads can be cleaned but can’t be completely revived.

The best you can hope for is to merely extend the life of replaceable coil heads a little by soaking them in ethanol, vinegar, or even some cheap vodka for a couple of hours. Then rinse under tap water, rinse a second time in distilled water, and set aside for drying.

Rebuildable Coils

Rebuildable coils tend to get gunked up, and thus require more attention. First, remove the wicks and dry burn the coils lightly. Remove the atomizer and rinse under running water, brushing lightly with a coil cleaning tool or a toothbrush. Then dry burn again to remove any remaining water.

Feel free to use a drop of dishwashing liquid when brushing the coils, just be sure to rinse thoroughly in hot water.

If this doesn’t totally remove all the gunk, or if you still notice a significant loss in flavor, you might want to consider rebuilding the atomizer. Cleaning certainly helps, but it’s not enough to reverse damage after extensive use.

Learning How to Clean Vape Coils

Vaping is all about flavor. And the best way to maximize flavor is to learn how to clean vape coils. The process might seem complicated at first, but it really isn’t. It’s a simple matter of understanding how a vape mod works, how to take it apart, and to follow the steps in this article to get it clean.

Keep in mind that the key to the ideal vaping experience is using the best juice possible and taking care of your equipment. Following these steps will definitely help.

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