7 Ways To Help Your Spa Customers Feel More Relaxed During Their Treatments

By admin / April 3, 2018

Owning or operating a day spa is a great way to help people feel more relaxed and satisfied in their daily lives. A great spa treatment can give a customer an instant shot of rejuvenation and a refreshing outlook on the rest of their week or month. Not all spa treatments are created equal, so it’s important to make sure your facility has the right tools and process to give your customers more. Here are seven tips to help you and your spa business make your customers get the most out of their service.

1. Relaxing Music

First, start by creating a soothing atmosphere all throughout your facility. Sound is a big component of a relaxing setting. Eliminate any loud or irritating noises that could detract from the spa treatment’s effectiveness. Play quiet instrumental music in treatment rooms and in the waiting area or lobby to give everyone a sense of calm during their entire visit. The right type of music can be an instant stress reliever.

2. High-Quality Linens

Next, look at the linens your spa uses for each treatment. This includes towels, sheets, and other materials that customers come in contact with during facials, massages, and skin therapy sessions. It may be wise to invest in a high-quality set of linens to give your customers a little more comfort during their treatment. The power of touch and texture can help put your customers in a more relaxed mood. Choosing cheaper linens may not pay off in the long run.

3. Proper Training

It’s also important to make sure your staff delivering treatments is properly trained. Spa workers should be certified and experienced in each treatment they perform for your company. You should also focus on developing a system-wide training program that emphasizes customer satisfaction and ultimate comfort and relaxation. Your facility may want to start taking formal feedback by using surveys after treatments to make sure everyone is delivering at the job.

4. Comfortable Temperatures

Your spa facility’s temperature is another factor in helping customers feel more comfortable and at ease during treatments. If it’s too cold, this can make your customers avoid returning to your facility or not get as much out of their treatment as they should. Turning up the temperature is another mistake you shouldn’t make as well. Instead, focus on individual treatment rooms and aim for a custom climate control solution throughout your facility to please as many people as possible.

5. High-Quality Equipment

Your equipment also can make things more relaxed or more uncomfortable for your spa treatment guests. Before starting any type of treatment, make sure your facility has functional equipment that is in good condition. Items such as facial beds, massage tables, and other equipment can help enhance the spa experience and make customers enjoy their time with you even more. You should also work to get high-quality massage tools in your inventory so your guests will continue to return to your business for amazing experiences.

6. All Natural Ingredients

Next, consider investing in all-natural or organic ingredients for all of your treatment options. While these kinds of ingredients may cost more initially, your customers can benefit from having fewer breakouts or other skin reactions. Aim to get ingredients for your treatments from reputable suppliers and research products that offer results without being too harsh. Additionally, when using massage oil or hot wax, monitor the temperature so it never gets uncomfortably hot for your guests.

7. Luxurious Robes and Slippers

The last thing that could help differentiate your spa from being ordinary to being extraordinary are things like robes and slippers. First, if you’re not providing robes and slippers, stop everything and add this to all of your services. Customers will feel much more pampered with this simple extra you can easily add to your business model. Consider giving customers a soft, fluffy robe to change into once they enter your building. They should also remove shoes and change into slippers. This can help keep things more sanitary and relaxed.

A spa experience should transform guests into the ultimate Zen zone. If your spa needs to work on making people feel more comfortable, try adding some of these tools to your inventory. This way, you can keep your guests coming back month after month and continue to build business year after year.

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