7 Easy & Unknown Innovative Ways To Be Greener

By admin / April 25, 2018

We all know that “going green” is a big deal and we want to be sure that we are doing everything possible to make that process easier on ourselves. How can you be sure that you’re doing what works? Are there ways to make sure that you can get what you need even though you’re trying to go green? If you’re a working woman, how can you make that happen without adding more to your already busy schedule? Here are 7 ways that you can try to do so.

  1. Try to Do Food Prep Instead of Ordering In/Eating Out. Whenever you’re looking at what you want to do for dinner, you may be tempted to go ahead and eat out or order in, both of which make a lot of waste. Instead, do some of your own food prep, consider going organic, and be smart about how you do it.
  2. Use Electronic Devices to Take Notes in Meetings. Have a lot of meetings where you need to take notes? Instead of wasting paper, why not use your tablet or other electronic device so that you can take notes without any issues? It’s simple and saves paper in the long run.
  3. Use Reusable Water Bottles and Other Reusable Products. Talk to your company about getting reusable water bottles with a logo available for all of the employees at your company. Not only will it help them to get the word out about what it is that they are doing, but it will also make it easier for you to have a water bottle that is eco-friendly.
  4. Shop Secondhand. Don’t always go to the store to buy new clothes (which are often not eco-friendly) – there are plenty of high quality options at secondhand shops that make it easy for you to get whatever you need for yourself and your family – and that really makes it worth the effort for you in the long run as well.
  5. Walk, Bike, Carpool, or Use Public Transportation to Get to Work. One of the best ways to go green is to find another way to get to work other than driving yourself all of the time. Ride your bike, walk, use public transportation if you’re in a city that makes it easy for you to do that. If not, talk to other co-workers that live nearby and see if you can carpool to save gas and be more eco-friendly.
  6. Support Brands that Are Going Green. Find out what brands are going green and buy from them – the more support that they get, the more likely that they will stick around and continue to follow green practices well into the future.
  7. Change Your Lighting in Your Home. There are a lot of eco-friendly ways to change your lighting, and it’s actually cheaper to do that nowadays rather than some of the other options that are out there. Look at how you can make it happen and see why it’s such a big deal to go about it in this fashion anyway.


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