6 Reasons to Use Renewable Energy for Homes

By admin / January 25, 2019

Since 2000, biofuel use has started to decline. In its place, renewable energy sources such as hydropower, solar, tidal, and geothermal power have seen a rise.

But can you use renewable energy for homes? And is alternative electricity worth it? Read on to find out. 

Options for Renewable Energy for Homes 

There are several sources of alternative energy for home use that you can use residentially. The most common is solar panels.

These can go on your roof or in your yard. Just a few square feet of solar panels will be enough to power all your house’s energy needs. 

You can use wind turbines on your property to power your home.

They do take up a bit of space and can be noisy. Yet, if you have a large property and live in a windy area, this could be a good fit. Visit the Kor-Pak website to learn about what wind power options are available. 

If your home has access to a flowing water source like a river, you can install a hydropower turbine for your home. You’ll need to divert some of the water to flow through your turbine to give you power.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of using these renewable resources in your home.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

It may not seem like this benefits you, but reducing global greenhouse gas emissions helps everyone on the planet. Alternative fuel sources powering homes and cars without fossil fuels reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we put into the air.

The greenhouse effect is responsible for causing increasingly severe storms. It also leads the sea level to rise, the snow and ice to melt, and plants to lose their nutrition values.  

Wind, solar, and hydroelectric power all produce zero gashouse emissions.

The future is bright. Soon, future cities will look a lot different than they do now as more and more governments are making less greenhouse gas emissions a priority. 

Reduces Electricity Bills

Not only are fossil fuels bad for the environment but they are also a finite resource. This means the price can fluctuate. 

One of the best benefits to renewable energy for home use is you can reduce or eliminate your energy bills. The amount of money you save on your energy bill will depend on what you use as alternative electricity and how much energy your house needs.

In fact, you could even earn money if you harness more power than you need for your personal use. Then, you can sell excess electricity to the government and get paid for it.

Gain Energy Independence

Switching to self-managed renewable energy sources can help homes become independent from the grid. You will become more self-sufficient and not rely on the utility companies to power your home.

Renewable energy systems derive clean, pure energy straight from the sun. The sun is a resource that is not finite. So you don’t need to be part of the collective dependence on fossil fuel when you use renewable energy sources.

Improve Public Health

Did you know many health conditions we suffer from are linked to the use of fossil fuels? Coal and natural gas plants produce air and water pollution which is harmful to human health.

Cancer, heart disease, and many neurological problems are related to fossil fuels. In fact, one study found Americans spend up to $886.5 billion each year on health conditions related to the use of fossil fuels. 

You can improve your family’s health and those in your community by lessening your reliance on fossil fuels. Not only will you help reduce overall health care costs, but you’ll also reduce premature mortality.  

Earn Tax Credits and Rebates

There are federal income tax credits available to you for installing solar panels in your home. You get 30% of the total cost as a credit when it’s time to do your taxes.

Then, there are state and local rebates as well as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). There are even programs to help low-income homeowners with installing solar systems on their homes.

So while the solar panels are an initial expense, there are ways to get the cost cut by up to 50%. Then, after under four years, you have gotten a return on your investment from the power you’ve harnessed. 

And as solar panels have a lifespan of up to 25 years, you get at least 20 years of free electricity.

Increase Your Resale Value

If you ever decide to sell your home, the solar panels will add market value to your property.

Solar panels are a feature many people want. Even those who don’t want to make the investment themselves will be happy to buy or rent a home with an existing renewable energy source ready to go. 

Homeowners can expect to get a $5,911 resale value increase per kilowatt of solar panel. So if you have a 2-kilowatt solar panel on your roof, your resale value would go up by $11,822.

Start Saving Right Away 

Each year, you spend thousands of dolors on energy costs. The average American spends over $3,000 on energy a year. And that’s per person, not per household.

This cost includes residential energy use as well as transportation. Installing renewable energy sources on your property will start saving you money from day one.

And because capturing the power of the sun is free, you’re setting yourself up for long-term savings on a power source that won’t run out. 

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Solar panels extend the lifespan of your roof. Since they protect your roof from elements such as rain, snow and so on.

So once you install a new roof and solar panels, you won’t have to invest in a new roof for a long time.

Final Thoughts on Renewable Energy for Homes

Thanks for reading. We hope this article has helped highlight some of the main benefits of switching to renewable energy for homes.

Next, read about how to boost your family savings so you can fund the things which matter to you.

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