6 Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Teens That They Will Not Hate

By admin / August 3, 2020

Finding out exactly what your teen wants to do for their birthday can be tough. This can be especially so if you’re still figuring out how to deal with a moody teenager in the most helpful way possible to encourage positive growth.

When you want to give them the world but they’re hard to understand, you need some fun birthday party ideas for teens. Look no further than this ultimate list of six awesome birthday party ideas that you can choose from to create the best experience for your teenager!

1. Outdoor Movie

If your teen loves the retro vibe, consider an outdoor movie birthday party. You can get creative with mini popcorn bags, set up chairs in movie theatre rows, or even just have a B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own blanket) request.

All it takes is a projector, white sheet or tarp, popcorn, candy, and some decorative lights! And, of course, cake!

2. Pool Party

Another great teen birthday party option is a pool party.

If you have a pool and a teen that loves swimming and all things tropical and beachy, you have a perfect theme in the making! You can serve fun smoothies and even have cups made out of coconuts for a fresh summer birthday party filled with fun.

3. Escape Room

If you’re looking for something to accommodate for a small friend group that’s outside-the-box, why not try to get out of one?

You can book an escape room for your teen and their close group of friends and celebrate with cake afterward. This is a fun and unique activity that is sure to make some memories for your teen and their friends.

4. Chill Bonfire

Another option for a teen who’s a little more on the quiet side or keeps their circle small is a chill bonfire.

Sometimes the flashiness and extravagance of a birthday party is the last thing someone wants. So, to give them the best time all you might need is some firewood, sparklers, and s’ mores!

5. Karaoke Night

On the other end, if you’ve got a theatrical, attention-loving teenager on your hands a karaoke night birthday party could be a match made in heaven for them.

If you’ve got a karaoke machine, all you’ll need is food and maybe decor. If you don’t it’s also easy enough to hook up your computer to your TV via HDMI and pull up some karaoke templated videos so the kids can sing whatever they want!

6. Murder Mystery Dinner

Finally, a more elaborate but delightfully fun birthday party is a murder mystery dinner party.

It’ll require some planning, like storylines, props, and setting decor, but your teen is sure to have a great time and impress their friends! It can also be a costume party if you send out characters in advance so that guests can adequately prepare.

Problem Solved With These Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Now, if you’ve been stuck, you have six fun birthday party ideas for teens to pick from. This variety of ideas means there’s a choice for every kind of teen, so good luck and happy planning!

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