5 Pro Tips to Creating the Perfect Bucket List

By admin / February 4, 2021

Are you looking to pass the time by creating a bucket list for you to check off each year? Do you wonder what the most important components are to a realistic bucket list? If so, then you need to learn tips from the experts!

Doing so can help you find goals that are both lofty, yet achievable. It can help you summon your inner desire for adventure and look ahead to trips that you can accomplish!

Be sure to read below for more information on how to create a killer bucket list that you can reference for the rest of your life!

1. Create a Mixture of Goals

Contrary to popular belief, a bucket list isn’t just a list of places that you want to travel to one day. It’s actually supposed to be a list of different experiences and accolades that you want to achieve by the end of your life, traveling is a major component of that.

For that reason, your bucket list must contain many different elements. Think about some of the goals you’ve always wanted to achieve, but never had the courage or the time to.

For example, one of your goals might be to lose a certain amount of weight. If so, that’s a goal that can be accomplished starting today! In fact, accomplishing that goal could change your entire life and open the door for even more goals that might not have previously been possible!

Here’s a fun exercise: grab a pen and paper, and place both in your pocket or purse. Over the next few days, take them both with you wherever you go. Any time you think of a goal you’ve wanted to achieve, write it down! Give yourself a week to do this.

At the end of that week, you’ll have a healthy blend of goals! If you’re struggling to think of the travel aspect to your bucket list, be sure to read this article for guidance!

2. Be Intentional

Every goal that you write down has to be intentional. In other words, you have to intend on taking those dreams/goals and turning them into a reality one day.

Don’t write down goals such as “win the lottery”. Those types of goals rely too heavily on external factors that you can’t control. Not to mention that they encourage negative habits, such as spending money on lottery tickets that you could be using to save up for a trip on your bucket list!

See where we’re going with this? Every goal on your bucket list should be doable. That said, they also shouldn’t be easily obtained. There’s a reason that you’re giving yourself the rest of your life to accomplish them.

Think about your passions. What do you love in life? What activities are you doing when you’re fully living? Use those to your advantage while you set your goals!

For example, let’s say that you love professional baseball. You live to go to the ballpark! If so, then one of your goals can be to attend at least one game/series at each MLB team’s home ballpark.

3. Do It for Yourself

The goal of your bucket list should not be to “do it for the ‘gram”. It should be filled with goals that improve the lives of yourself and your loved ones. It should be filled with fun things that your family enjoys!

You only have one life, you should fill it with amazing experiences! Ones that you’re familiar with, as well as some that are outside of your comfort zone. Have you always wanted to go spelunking? Put it on the list! You might create a new hobby for yourself after trying it the first time.

Think about your bucket list in terms of ways you can better yourself. Put the phone aside. Don’t think about social media while you make your list. Think about putting a smile on your face and you’ll love the goals that you come up with!

4. Establish Goals You Can Accomplish Now

Who said this had to be the only bucket list you ever write? What if you pursue your goals with such tenacity that you accomplish them all one day? You’d be forcing yourself to make an entirely new bucket list! How incredible would that be?

When you make your goals, don’t tell yourself “I’ll accomplish these later”. Think about goals that you can start to work towards right away.

For example, many people put places they want to travel to on their list. Then they tell themselves “I’ll knock these all out when I retire”. Here’s the thing: tomorrow is never promised to us! Start saving towards those trips today so that you can knock them all out sooner rather than later!

5. Stay True to Yourself

If you don’t have an interest in skydiving, don’t put it on your list. If you don’t have a genuine interest in ever having six-pack abs, why place it on your bucket list? Stay true to yourself!

Take the time to assess what’s really important to you as a human being. What aspects of life do you love? What fills your heart with joy? What makes you smile? Those are the goals you need to put on the list.

It never hurts to take some time, sit down, and perform a self-assessment. It can help you look yourself in the mirror and discover something new about yourself. Perhaps a passion that you didn’t know was there before!

Create Your Perfect Bucket List Today

Now that you have seen all of the most important components and tips to creating a bucket list, be sure to use it to your advantage!

Think about who you will be working on these goals with. What common interests do you have with them? How can you hold each other accountable for achieving those goals sooner rather than later?

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