5 Outside-The-Box Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Revenue

By admin / July 23, 2018

Real estate is one of the most competitive industries out there. Unless you come up with something new, you’ll be left behind. Your marketing strategy needs to be bold, creative, and original. For inspiration, check out these outside-the-box real estate marketing ideas that will boost your revenue!

Transforming into a highly successful real estate agent doesn’t happen overnight. And I don’t need to tell you how competitive this industry can be. That’s why fresh real estate marketing ideas represent your bread and butter.

But coming up with fresh marketing ideas that work represents an art unto itself. Luckily, we’ve got a list of five tips to take your prospecting from zero to hero in no time.

1. Stand Out with Unique Business Cards

Business cards remain an essential staple in the real estate business. During meetings with sellers, buyers, and colleagues, you’ve got to have something to pass out, right? But why settle for boring cards?

Innovative ideas abound from transparent cards to cards that double as seed packets or cheese graters. So, get creative and design a business card that will keep you top of mind with customers and colleagues. Your imagination can limit business cards, so get creative.

2. Develop Neighborhood Guides

When customers consider a move, they focus on house size, number of bedrooms, price, and square footage. But these say next to nothing about the experience of actually living in a neighborhood. Why not create neighborhood guides that introduce your clients to various areas and their amenities?

For example, you could create a blog or video series to show clients around different neighborhoods. Let them know about hot spots, where to eat, where to shop, and how schools compare. Going above and beyond to help your clients make well-informed decisions will put you in a class all your own.

3. Get It On Film

Make your business stand out by creating an explainer video about your real estate agency. You can make your video serious or somewhat comedic. But whatever you do, let your unique personality shine through.

Have fun with the video that you create and make sure it imparts valuable information like other forms of marketing content. After all, content is king. So, keep your explainer video useful, relevant, and entertaining.

4. Go Graphics-Rich

Remember that cliche about a picture being worth a thousand words? It’s true because humans remain visual creatures. Keep your marketing materials and website compelling by adding remarkable images, graphs, charts, and other visual elements.

Among the most powerful visual elements remain infographics, so hire a graphic artist or start polishing your Photoshop talents. But there’s a caveat.

Like content marketing, make sure that your visuals impart valuable information to prospects and clients. In the case of real estate marketing, art for art’s sake doesn’t cut it. So, split the difference by creating powerful images infused with essential takeaways.

5. Quiz Your Clients

People like to take quizzes. Don’t believe me? Check out Facebook or Buzzfeed where the quiz topics abound.

Why not test prospects and clients about history trivia or the latest celebrity gossip? A fun way to break the ice, it’ll definitely get you remembered by potential customers. And isn’t that half the battle?

By investing time and effort into other real estate marketing strategies, you’ll set your business apart. What’s more, you’ll create a memorable brand that prospects and clients will remember and recommend to others.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Which of these real estate marketing ideas will you try first? From differentiating your business through unique business cards to creating neighborhood guides that help clients decide which location is right for them, get outside-of-the-box by creating unique marketing ideas customers can’t get enough of.

Interested in keeping up with our other marketing tips and real estate ideas? Follow our blog for the info you need to succeed. Or, contact us today to stay on top of the latest marketing trends for your industry.

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