5 Cute Photo Booth Poses for Memorable Photos

By admin / October 19, 2020

Have you ever attended a wedding, party, or event with a photo booth and taken an unplanned and awkward photo?

While photo booths are a fun addition to any party or event, getting the right pose can be difficult. Stepping into a photo booth without any idea of what pose you are going to strike can result in blurry photos taken while you were in motion, or worse, four identical photos of you starting in the camera straight on.

The good news is, with a little planning, you can have a few cute photo booth poses in your back pocket you can use at any event. If you are not a natural in front of the camera and need a little direction, here are several poses that are sure to make a memorable photo.

1. Charlie’s Angels

One of the classic photo booth poses is the Charlie’s Angels pose. This is modeled after the iconic television show about 3  beautiful detectives who were “Angels.” If you are taking photos with two of your friends, this pose is a must-do.


If you are taking a picture alone, one of the best poses for a photo booth is the YMCA pose. This is a classic song by The Village People that is remained popular for more than 40 years. Pose as one letter in each photo to create “YMCA.”

3. The Hashtag

Why not gather your friends around a hashtag prop for a perfect share-worthy picture? This is ideal if the event or party you are attending already has a hashtag. You can also create more share-worthy photos by using other social media photo booth props.

4. Roller Coaster

One of the best photo booth poses is to pretend you are on a roller coaster. You and your friends can sit on the bench, throw your hands in the air, and pose as if you are in mid-scream. This imitates the pictures that are taken on the scariest part of a roller coaster.

5. The Four Corners

A great tip for how to use a photo booth alone is to take a photo from each corner. This is a simple pose that creates a cute photo compilation when all of the pictures are together. You can smile, make funny faces, or do anything else that comes to mind.

Use These Photo Booth Poses to Create Memorable Photos

The next time you are at an event, use these photo booth poses to create a cute picture.

You and your friends can strike the Charlie’s Angel pose, create a hashtag for the event or use the classic roller coaster pose. If you are alone in the booth, try taking a photo from all four corners or striking the YMCA pose.

Use these tips to create an awesome photo booth picture.

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