3 Ways to Motivate Call Center Staff and Boost Morale

By admin / July 18, 2019

Motivation is the gateway to success in business, but can often be much easier said than done. The main goal of a call center is to interact with customers in an efficient and productive manner to build and retain relationships and promote a positive public image. In a call center environment, keeping staff engaged and in high spirits is pivotal in delivering consistent customer satisfaction. 

Motivated staff are prone to take ownership of customer issues, display higher productivity, and experience better job satisfaction. Consider these three ways to motivate call center staff and boost morale: 

End Call Volumes as a Measurement of Success

Tracking how many calls in a defined time period a customer service agent makes is a poor measure of success. If an agent is concerned with reaching a certain number of calls, their focus will shift away from delivering a quality customer service experience and quickly become centered around churning through call queues. 

In today’s call center environment, the focus is on resolving issues and customer retention. When agents have the ability to take the time to genuinely assist their customers and resolve their concerns with as much accuracy and satisfaction possible, they become motivated. To achieve success, management needs to empower agents to resolve issues in a manner that satisfies customers and leaves a positive impression of the agent and company. 

Have Attainable and Clearly-Defined Goals

As an employee, having a clearly defined action plan to achieve results and goals alleviates confusion and stress. From a manager’s standpoint, knowing how to effectively communicate with agents and clarify expectations is an important way to boost morale. Recording calls for training purposes can help managers identify the strengths of agents and understand where there is room for improvement. 

Sometimes, a large overall goal, such as achieving a certain customer service standard, can be daunting and seem unattainable. Instead, set smaller goals that lead to a larger goal and allow for steady progress in a team setting. Defining what steps to take in order to achieve a desired outcome makes goals appear attainable and practical. 

Implement the Right Call Center Tools and Vary Day to Day Activities

It’s easy for workers to become dissatisfied with work when daily tasks become too routine or boring. Changing up the scripts that agents use or switching around desks can help alleviate this, but the best option is the use of call center tools. 

Call centers that use omnichannel environments give agents the ability to perform on multiple interfaces with varying tasks. Learning the functionalities of each communication channel keeps agents engaged and interested, and takes away from the potential monotony of working on a single channel.  

Bright Pattern provide call centers solutions necessary for easy communication across all channels to minimize effort, increase customer happiness, and create a great service experience. A key performance indicator of their cloud contact center software is how they strengthen customer relationships through personalization. 

Customers value the ability to choose their method of communication and, with Bright Pattern’s omnichannel software, customers can opt to engage through voice, SMS, email, chat bot, web chat, social messaging, and more. Using technology that goes beyond traditional functions eliminates long wait times, customer frustrations, and the hassle of working around support operation hours. 

Investing in intelligent technology like Bright Pattern call center solutions means consistency and quality in customer interactions. Enjoy access to call monitoring, call and screen recording, historical reporting, data analytics and more. With this solution, call center managers can efficiently access and evaluate agent performance, call center trends, and call outcomes on one concise dashboard. 

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