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3 Tools That’ll Help You Transform Your Rental Property Into a Tenant’s Dream Home

By admin / June 17, 2019

If you’re a landlord, you already know that it does you no good to have a vacant property. If people aren’t renting, then you aren’t getting any kind of return on your investment, but there could be multiple reasons why people aren’t renting from you. For one thing, the cost of living is up, but wages have not matched the spike, at least not for most people. That means renting in big, expensive cities is becoming harder and harder for a lot of would-be tenants. They’re either fleeing to the suburbs or, in some cases, leaving the entire metro ahead behind. High demand is no excuse for landlords to slack off. Here are some tools that will make your rental property more appealing to prospective tenants.

Easy application software

Not every tool you can provide renters with is something tangible. Offering access to a simple and free rental application can be one of the most important things you do. A difficult application will make it less likely that people apply. If someone tours an apartment and decides they are interested, you’ll want to ensure they can apply for it as soon as possible.

If your application website is buggy or frustrating, then the prospective tenant might just say no thanks and keep searching. That kind of thing is aggravating regardless of if you’re searching for your first apartment or your tenth. Even those who do move forward with an application might secretly wonder if this is just the first problem of many with your particular rental property. Make it intuitive and simple rather than confusing and convoluted.

Renting an apartment is stressful enough. Your applicant will already be wondering things like “Will my proof of income be enough?” or “Is my cat going to be a problem?” Be sure to clarify your policy on pets and who you rent to early on. Additionally, don’t make them wonder if their application went through or got lost in the Internet void.

Yard equipment

Sure, we’ve all heard that what’s on the inside is more important than what’s on the outside, but the outside still matters. When your tenant is sitting down for their morning coffee and looking out the window, do you want them to see a fresh, well-manicured lawn or a bunch of weeds?

A yard area that’s unkempt can also be a real safety hazard. Unpleasant things can hide in a cluttered, overgrown yard area. Those things can include sharp objects like nails. If you aren’t maintaining your lawn properly, critters can also camp out there. And if you’re like most landlords, you’d rather rent to people instead of rodents.

It’s not a bad idea to get the trees checked out while you’re in-between tenants. An unhealthy tree isn’t always as easy to spot as you think, and it can do a lot of damage before you even know there’s a problem. Look around the rental property’s outdoor area to figure out what you need, then head to an outdoor power equipment store to rent or buy the right items.

Security system

When you’re showing someone an apartment, they’re going to have a few questions. One of the most common ones is “How safe is the neighborhood?”

We tend to think of break-ins as something that occur at night when everyone is asleep. That may be because of what we’ve seen in movies, but movies aren’t real life, and the reality is that most burglaries happen during daylight hours. That’s because most of us leave our apartments during the day to go to work or school.

There are plenty of security systems that either come with professional installation or don’t require it. You may even get a discount if you outfit an entire apartment complex with the same security system.

Maintaining your property is critical to the success of your renting efforts. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your property is safe, clean, and ready for occupants.


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