10 Unique Nail Salon Business Names of All-Time

By admin / December 24, 2021

When you get your head wrapped around the idea of starting your own nail salon, what pops into your thoughts first?

What to name your nail salon business, right?

You might think one of the biggest challenges would be to figure out how to open a nail salon. But with plenty of help around, it might seem fairly easy, especially compared to thinking up a name that suits your style, your personality and how you want your clients to perceive your business.

Choosing a name for your nail salon is an important step to giving your business a unique identity. It helps you stand out from the competition and sets a good first impression. When you start looking around and brainstorming, you’ll find that anything you think up of is already taken. But don’t lose hope.

Simple ways to find a business name

Let go

Get a pen and paper, and let the creative juices flow. Don’t hold back, and don’t let second thoughts deter you. Whatever terms and phrases come to your mind, write them down immediately. Keep doing this till you have a bunch of names to review. At a later date, go over the names, strike out what doesn’t feel right, try different combinations or make variations to arrive at top considerations. This list could still be exhaustive, but that’s okay.


When you work toward building a list, throw in a couple of words that give a personal touch. This could be something you specialize in or even your own name. If your business address, the street or neighborhood name sounds fancy, that could be an interesting usage too.

Narrow down

The next step is to narrow down the list. This is where you eliminate any scope for confusion. While your goal is to arrive at a unique name, avoid anything that has chances of being misread or may lead to difficulty in search. Get rid of jargony terms, too much slang or complicated words that clients may not be able to pronounce. Acronyms is another risky proposition and it’s highly unlikely that clients would remember what they stand for or mean.

Get imaginative

Was there ever a poet in you? Summon that talent now. Alliterations, rhyming words and adjectives can give an interesting twist to your business name and are easy to remember. If you find yourself at loss, just hit up Google and search for “words that start with letter …” or “words that rhyme with …”. You’ll be surprised how much fun this can be! For instance, if your name is Gail, your nail bar could be Gail’s Nails. It’s catchy, it’s personal and it conveys what your business is all about. ‘Nail’ed it!

Find inspiration

Your competitors can be source of inspiration. Research the names of salons in your community or go ‘shopping’ for nail studio names in other neighborhoods or states. This will also give you an idea of names you should steer clear of. ‘Borrow’ what you like, mix and match with your current list, and you’re likely to find something inspiring.

Send it around

When you round out about five names, share them with people who know you well. Listen to their suggestions; you’re likely to find perspectives you hadn’t thought of. While this can be frustrating, especially if they shoot down your favorites, understand that the purpose of this exercise is to gauge real-world reactions. By the end of it, you’d probably have found ‘the one’.

Unique names that can do the trick

Still looking for a brainwave? Here are 10 unique names that you can work around or use as it:

  1. Sophia’s [Your name] Nailshop
  2. Nail Nation
  3. Extreme Nails
  4. The Nail Express
  5. Perfectly Polished
  6. Primp Your Nails
  7. Sugarcoat
  8. The Gel Bar
  9. PhenomeNail
  10. Nail Addict

Find anything that made you say, “this is it”? Well, there you go; it’s not as tough as you thought!



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