10 Best Weight Loss Apps to Help You Shed Pounds This Summer

By admin / June 30, 2019

Losing weight isn’t easy. It requires a great deal of hard work and consistency. To lose weight, you must not only be diligent in getting your exercise, but thoughtful in planning your diet as well. 

Fortunately, due to the existence of phone apps, you don’t have to embark on your weight loss journey alone. A good app can help with everything from tracking your activity to eating right and staying hydrated. 

There are a ton of apps on the market, but which are the best? We’ve done the research for you! Check out this list of the 10 best weight loss apps to help you shed some pounds this summer. 

The Best Weight Loss Apps of 2019

There are tons of fitness apps on the market, some of which are compatible with the iPhone, some of which are compatible with Android, and some of which are compatible with both. If you’re looking to lose weight, in particular, these are the best fitness apps to utilize. 

1. MyFitnessPal

A huge component of losing weight is watching what you eat. Not only do you need to consume the proper amount of nutrients, but the proper amount of calories as well. While there are all sorts of meal tracking apps available, the best of the bunch has got to be MyFitnessPal. 

Free for both iPhone and Android, this app provides a huge database of foods for you to log throughout your days. Whether you’re eating McDonald’s or homemade lasagna, this database will help you to track it in a quick and efficient manner. 

While there is a premium version available for an additional fee, the free version is more than enough to help you lose weight. 

2. WW

You’ve likely heard of Weight Watchers, the hugely popular weight loss program which has been going strong for decades. But did you know that there was a Weight Watchers app? It’s called WW, and it’s arguably the best weight loss app in existence. 

The WW app works under the same principles as the Weight Watchers program. It provides you with points based on the foods you eat and the exercises you do. In addition to this, it also provides you with a supportive group of like-minded individuals who are also trying to shed some pounds. 

Note, however, that this app will cost you. It’s $19.95 a week and requires a 3-month upfront commitment. 

3. Fooducate 

Another terrific weight loss app is Fooducate. This app is similar to MyFitnessPal, helping you to track calories and macros throughout the day.

However, where it differs from MyFitnessPal is in the way that it teaches you about your body and your health. Featuring an extensive library of diet information, it helps you to take control of the dieting process. 

Available for both iPhone and Android, it’s free of charge. Note, however, that it does offer some in-app purchases. 

4. Water Drink Reminder 

In order to lose weight, you need to drink plenty of water. Hydration assists in weight loss in a number of different ways, but primarily because it staves off hunger and thirst. 

Want to make sure that you’re drinking enough water on a daily basis? Water Drink Reminder is the app for you. Available for both Android and iPhone, it offers its services free of charge. 

5. Lose It! 

Lose It! fits in the same category as Fooducate and MyFitnessPal, as it allows you to track calories and nutrients throughout the day. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t allow you to track vitamins. 

But this isn’t to say that you should look elsewhere. This app provides plenty of functionality in other areas. For instance, not only does it provide a huge food database, but it also allows you to track calories by taking pictures of your meals. 

Lose It! is a free app, and is available or both Android and iPhone. 

6. Noom Coach 

If you want a more interactive calorie counter, you should consider Noom Coach. While it’s no longer free, it offers more than enough functionality to make it worth a purchase.

It costs $59 a month for up to $199 a year and offers real-time coaching, meal plans, and exercise routines. It’s available for both iPhone and Android. 

7. Nike Training Club 

If you want to lose weight, you’ll have to exercise. Looking for a way to track your exercise? Nike Training Club is the app for you. 

This app not only records runs, walks, and weightlifting sessions, but it also provides GPS and distance tracking capabilities. In addition, it offers automated inspirational messages prior to workouts. 

Nike Training Club is compatible with both iPhone and Android and is available free of charge. There are, however, some in-app purchases available if you’d like to utilize enhanced features. 

8. Step Bet 

There’s no better way to motivate yourself than with money. Want to put some money on the line in exchange for your weight loss? Step Bet is the app to use. 

This app allows you to bet actual money on your weight loss. If you meet your weight loss goals, you win. If you fail, however, you lose all of what you wagered. 

9. Fitbit 

You’ve like heard of the Fitbit, the wrist-worn fitness tracker which records everything from miles traveled, to heart rate, to time, and more. But did you know that you can download Fitbit’s app without purchasing its corresponding tracker? 

Available at no charge, the app is great for those with and without wrist-worn Fitbit devices. Featuring GPS run recording capabilities, it provides detailed information on all of your exercise habits. 

10. Fat Secret 

One last calorie counter app is Fat Secret, a user-friendly app which is exceedingly easy to understand. Available at no charge, it’s compatible with both iPhone and Android. 

Fat Secret not only provides a database of foods for you to choose from, but it also offers image recognition capabilities. This is to say that it can snap a picture of a food and provide you with instantaneous nutritional info.

Looking for specific meal plans? You can purchase them in the app. 

Lose Weight With Our Help 

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