5 Countries to Teach English in Abroad

If you’re looking to work and live abroad, which will give you a valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture, it’s well worth considering teaching English abroad. Between teaching, you can easily go to some of the hottest travel destinations this year. You are able to make an income and travel a lot while teaching abroad. If you’re interested, simply continue reading to discover 5 countries to teach English overseas.

5 Countries to Teach English in Abroad:
1. South Korea

Most teaching positions in South Korea offer free accommodation, complimentary flights, and a competitive salary. The latter of which will allow you to explore South Korea during your weekends off. If you choose to accept a position at a public school you’ll assist a Korean teacher in teaching students English.However, if you want to work extra hours you can work as an English teacher at a private school. As education is paramount in South Korea, it’s common for children and teenagers to attend a hagwon or private school in the evenings.

2. Georgia
Georgia is a small European country which is bordered by Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia and is a fascinating country to explore due to its European and Asian influences. If you’re curious the Georgian government is keen to recruit native English speakers to help their elementary school teachers and middle school teachers, to improve their classes’ English skills.
One of the unique advantages of choosing to teach English in Georiga is that you’ll be hosted by a local family, who will be keen to share their rich culture with you.
3. China
All you need to accept a position as an English teacher in China is a bachelors degree. The bulk of positions on offer are part-time positions which are comprised of 25 teaching hours per week. Which will give you ample time to explore China and visit the world-famous Terracotta Army, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.
If you accept a position you’ll be housed in a complimentary furnished apartment and will be reimbursed for your plane flights after completing your contract. You can find a good work and life balance while teaching English places like China, but you might get a bit homesick.
4. Spain
If you’d prefer to teach individuals of all ages, rather than teaching a classroom of children, you may be interested in teaching jobs in Spain. As not only does Spain offer world-class beaches, phenomenal architecture and tapas bars but Spain also boasts a wide variety of privately operated English language schools. Where you’ll get to teach children and adults how to speak English.
5. The United Arab Emirates
The UAE offers some of the most competitive salary packages for English teachers in the world. If you choose to teach English in the UAE you can expect to earn up to $4,000 US dollars per month. With contracts ranging from $2,400 to $4,000 per month depending on your qualifications and experience. Better yet, most positions are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, both of which offer pristine picturesque beaches and a wide variety of traditional souk markets.
So if you’re keen to explore the world, whilst getting paid it’s well worth investigating taking up an opportunity to teach English in one of the 5 countries listed above.
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