Development In especially Gaming Technology: A Boon Or A Bane

By admin / June 19, 2020

Online gaming is one of the most popular form of entertainment and engagement, especially among the young adults. However, few people and parents consider this as a technological hazard harming the behavior, mood and development of skills. However, this is far from the truth.

Yes, prolong and excessive use of it may cause addiction and slight socio-personal distress and disorganization in self-care, but as they say, “Too much of anything is bad.” Certainly, you cannot simply blame gaming technology for it!

Eliminating the risks

It is up to the user to make technology useful, as it has been always for the humankind. Gaming, as such is a sociable and entertaining way to spend time and develop social skills encouraging teamwork. You will be better off when you know about the risks and the steps for its remedy.

  • You must advice and provide support
  • review the games they play
  • Apply time restrictions and
  • Inspire them to take breaks.

This will not impact the wellbeing of children and at the same time make them feel to be a part of the community.

Consider the good side of it

Instead of being partial, you should look at the flip side to find out the features and benefits provided by modern gaming technology, to simple mobile games or those you find at

Most of the games previously were single player games played against an artificially intelligent opponent. Now you have the choice to play a game either in a single player or multiplayer mode.

Now you also have community games which are far better as compared to multiplayer games. While playing with several other people in the mobile community, they learn to perform a task as a team and communicate faster with each other.

The changing faces

In fact, the betterment of gaming technology has changed the face of gaming these days. This has expanded the business and market of the mobile gaming apps. According to market research, the market value of these apps now stands at$72.3 billion, and this is since 2016.

Research has also found that 50% of all gaming, including basic casino gambling and gaming will be played on tablets and other mobile devices.

A means for productivity

Gaming technology has made gamification not only easy but also become the most powerful tool to increase productivity. It has the potential to trigger the rudiments of human physiology and help the mobile app businesses to achieve their specific goals.


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