Progressive Betting: How to Progressively Bet in Online Casinos

By admin / July 16, 2020

There are many betting strategies when gambling. This guide explains how to use progressive betting to maximize your chances of winning.

Betting on games of chance is both thrilling and self-affirming. There’s no “I told you so” quite as satisfying as playing a hunch and raking in the reward. It doesn’t matter if you are the ‘you’ being told, you still get to take the money home.

Of course, in a game of pure chance (or close to), there’s not a lot of honing skills to beat the game. In these games, progressive betting systems let you sharpen skills at the meta-game.

A solid bonus to progressive betting strategies is that they also increase your time at the table, meaning more plays with the same budget.

Progressive Betting Strategies

Rather than adjusting the odds of the game, progressive betting leverages the inevitable streaks in the game to profit while mitigating losses.

Like all gambling strategies, progressive betting strategies won’t work every time. They can’t, that’s just the nature of chance.

That said, these strategies work on simple mathematic principles and offer different ways to look at many even-money games. It’s suggested you try them out in a free environment before moving on to a real money casino like


This betting strategy is used on games such as roulette where an even bet has a 49-48% chance of hitting.

Start with a basic bet and then double the bet each time you lose.

Each time you win, return to a basic bet.

No matter how many times you lose, if you can keep going, you will eventually win back everything you wagered plus your initial wager.

Be aware that table limits can stymie this strategy and it’s best to pick a point of no return earlier than later. It’s possible for streaks in the twenties and beyond to occur in roulette.


This strategy follows the same pattern as the Martingale but rather than doubling after each loss, you increase the bet by one unit.

The second bet will be a double (one base unit plus a second). From there it progresses more slowly than the Martingale but operates the same.

Upon a win, lower the next bet by only one unit. If you win again, continue to decrease by one unit.


Whereas the previous strategies were about increasing bets on a loss and decreasing them on a win, this strategy goes the opposite.

Start with a basic bet. A general rule of thumb is between 2% and 5% of your total budget.

Every time you win, double the bet. After three to five wins, stop and return to the basic bet. It’s tempting to ride the streak, but your risk-taking behavior gets worse over time.

Any time you lose, go back to the basic bet.

This system works best for games like craps, baccarat, and blackjack.

Contra D’Alambert

This takes the d’Alembert system and flips it on its head. Increase your bet by one unit on each win and decrease it by one unit after a loss.

Unlike the Paroli, where you build in a cut-off, the contra d’Alambert suggests you keep going. You’ll want to find your own stopping point but remember that streaks beyond nine become exponentially more unlikely.

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There you have it, four progressive betting strategies to try out. Remember, these provide an advantage over time but aren’t ever a guarantee of success.

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