How to Crush Your Short Term Fitness Goals

By admin / July 14, 2020

Want to bulk up fast? Looking to shed some pounds real soon? Whatever your short term fitness goals are, you can achieve them. Here’s how.

Are you longing to lift heavier at the gym or shift a few pounds, but you’re finding it hard to get started?

Reaching your short term fitness goals can be challenging, as we often aren’t sure what we should be doing for the best results.

Is the key to work out longer, try supplements, or give up carbs? With so much confusion in the diet and exercise space, it’s easy to be unsure.

If you want to maximize your time and energy when it comes to fitness, keep reading to find our top tips for reaching your fitness goals, even if you only have a few weeks.

Make Sure Your Short Term Fitness Goals Are SMART

If you want to nail your goals, you need to know exactly what they are. Telling yourself you want to get in better shape or lift heavier isn’t enough— you need to know exactly what your goals are so you can track progress and stay accountable.

Make SMART goals— SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant,” and time-bound. When you create your fitness goals with SMART in mind, it’s easier to see results.

Create a Meal Plan Each Week

Reaching your fitness goals fast requires discipline in the kitchen as well as the gym.

To see changes to your body, you need to fuel it with nutritious food. To help with this, create a weekly meal plan so you know exactly what to shop for and cook.

Focus on proteins, veggies, and whole-grain foods. If you can, try to prep your meals in advance, as knowing they are ready and waiting in the fridge can help avoid temptation from junk foods and snacks.

Adding CBD for fitness to your weekly regime can also help as well. It can help you recover faster, ensuring you’re getting a rigorous workout each day.

Work With a Trainer

If your budget allows, hire a personal or group trainer to help you reach your goals. Sometimes, we can plateau when working out on our own, but a trainer can help us mix up our workouts and provide new challenges.

A trainer can also customize a workout plan for your fitness goals, ensuring your time is spent efficiently in the gym.

Find a Support Buddy

Finding motivation isn’t always easy, so why not look for an accountability buddy?

If you have a friend or coworker who is also focused on their fitness, team in to help motivate one another.

Check in daily with a text or phone call or schedule workouts together so you’re not tempted to bail. If you have a friend to share the highs and lows with, it makes fitness into something more fun and less of a chore.

Achieve Your Physical Fitness Goals With the Above Tips

Use the tips above to smash your short term fitness goals and to start seeing the result you want.

Whether you’re training for a 5K, trying to lose 10 pounds, or want to fit into your skinny jeans again, you can achieve your fitness goals with hard work, discipline, and a diet and exercise schedule that holds you accountable.

Get started today and you’ll be on track to a new and healthier version of yourself!

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