6 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Your Long Vacation

By admin / October 12, 2020

The perfect vacation requires plenty of planning. From choosing the right dates and destinations, to your hotel and creating a to-do list, everything needs to be carefully thought out and scheduled to minimize snags and ensure everyone enjoys the holiday.

However, if you have a lawn, planning your vacation involves more than going through the motions. If you don’t want to go back from your holiday to a dry, dying, and unsightly yard, you also have to think about how you can prepare and maintain your outdoor space while you are away.

If you are going on vacation soon, lawn care pros in Springfield, Missouri share below six tips you can follow to prepare your yard for your getaway and minimize the work you have to do in your yard after your holiday:

Think about how long you will be gone

The amount of work you have to do before leaving for and assigning to others during your holiday depends greatly on how long you will be away.

If you will be gone for a week or less, you won’t need to do plenty of work to prepare your lawn. You won’t have to hire or ask others to work on your yard as well. This is particularly true if your holiday falls in the summer when the grasses and most plants are still growing slowly.

However, if you are going on a two to four-week vacation, you will have your work cut out for you as you prepare your lawn. Moreover, you will most likely need to get someone to look after your yard while you are away.

Mow your lawn a day or two before you leave

No matter how long you will be away, you will do well to mow your lawn a few days before you leave, especially if your turf is in need of a trim.

However, avoid scalping your lawn to prevent the grass from growing too fast. Doing so exposes the soil to the sun, which can cause the grass to wither.

Even if you are going for a long time, it is still best to cut only a third of the grass blades. This height allows the grass to grow healthy and avoid stunting their growth.

If you will be away for more than a week, consider asking or hiring someone to mow your lawn weekly.

Keep your lawn hydrated

Nearly all lawns need about one to one and a half inches of water every week to survive and thrive. Make sure your turf gets this amount of hydration a day before you go on vacation.

Water your lawn deeply the day before you leave. This will help the soil absorb and store more water for the grassroots to absorb.

If you have a sprinkler system, set it to give your lawn a good soaking every week while you are away. If you don’t have one, consider having one installed or ask or hire someone to water your yard weekly during your holiday.

If you plan to have one installed, make sure it works properly before leaving. And even if it is in good condition, have a neighbor or friend check your lawn once a week. A system failure could drown or dry out your turf while you are away.

Deal with your pest and lawn problems

Another task you have to prioritize before leaving for your vacation is checking and dealing with pest and lawn problems you have.

If you see a few weeds, whether still developing or already fully grown, pull them out by hand. If there are too many to remove manually, use a selective herbicide or go the DIY route to get rid of them.

In case you see brown patches, powdery mildew, red threads, or other signs of lawn diseases, use a special herbicide to treat your turf.

Keeping your lawn manicured and tidy before leaving also ensures your property won’t attract bugs and larger pests while you are away. If you have a fence, check if there are holes or damages that critters can use to get into your yard and fix them immediately.

Lastly, to keep small crawling and flying pests away from your yard and home, replace your white bulbs with insect-resistant yellow light bulbs.

Postpone major lawn care and landscaping tasks until you return

Although it is important to work on your lawn to prepare it for your long absence, it doesn’t mean you have to do everything before you leave.

One of these lawn care chores you have to hold off doing until after your vacation is fertilizing. When you do this before you leave, you will encourage the vigorous growth of your grass and plants, which means you will deal with taller blades and foliage when you get back.

If you want to leave some nutrients for your lawn, leave the grass clippings behind when you mow. While you’re away, the clippings will decompose and act as a natural fertilizer.

Other major lawn care tasks that you should delay are aeration, de-thatching, sodding, and reseeding.

Keep in mind that these lawn renovations require you to be around to monitor their effects.

If you do not see any changes in your yard or you are getting the opposite of the results you are expecting, you have to do something to hasten progress or repair the damage. These are things you can’t do if you are away.

Hire lawn care professionals

Enlisting the help of lawn care pros in Nixa, Missouri can give you peace of mind while you are far away. With their help, you will be sure your yard is in expert hands and that you won’t spend too much time nursing it back to health after your holiday.

Aside from mowing and watering your lawn and pruning or trimming plants that need them, your contractors can fertilize, de-thatch, aerate, and do all the other major work your yard needs. They can even improve your landscape so you will have a more beautiful outdoor space to return to.

Although this requires an additional outlay, the money you spend on hiring contractors will be worth it since you can be sure you will go home to a healthy, tidy, and lovely lawn.

When you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy your vacation more since you know your lawn can survive and thrive during your long absence.

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