The Main Types of Sports Betting Explained: A Useful Guide

By admin / April 15, 2020

It is beneficial to understand the different types of sports betting. You can check out our helpful guide right here to learn more.

Sports betting is making a huge impact on the gaming industry. It’s been legal in most countries for years, but the United States is finally catching up with legalized sports betting in states across the country.

New Jersey made sports betting legal in 2018, and over $3.2 billion was wagered in the first year alone. Other states are following New Jersey’s lead.

If you want to get in on the action legally, you want to know the different types of sports betting available. Read on to learn what they are.

Straight Bets

These are your typical sports bets. The odds are placed by the sports betting agency. A football game usually has a straight bet where you pick which team is going to win.

These bets have a point spread attached to them to handicap the bet. The underdog in the game has a number of points that you get to add to the final score.

You bet on the underdog with a 10 ½ point spread, and the underdog loses in a 30-23 match. When you add the point spread, the score is 30-33 ½, so you win the wager bet.

In-Game Bets

In-game bets are offered by casinos to make watching the live event much more fun, and they’re easy to wager. In a hockey game, the home team is down by two goals.

The casino decides to offer 10-1 odds that the home team can come back to tie the game. There are countless examples of in-game bets.

You’ll see them in just about any sport. Casinos will also give you the chance to cash out your bet if you’re winning before the match ends.

Pari-Mutuel Betting

This type of betting is most familiar with horse racing fans. While you’ll see fixed odds betting in some horse races, pari-mutuel betting takes place.

What’s the difference between the two? With pari-mutuel betting, the odds move according to how people bet.

If you bet on Kentucky Derby 2020, you’ll find that there are some early favorites. Everyone will place their money on those horses. Another horse may come in a takeaway some of the bets, and the odds will change.

Where does that leave you as a bettor? You can find the diamond in the rough that’s being overlooked. Usually, horses that are at 5 to 1 odds, or 7 to 1 odds are great opportunities to make real money.

You also want to wait to place your bet until just before post time to make sure the odds don’t change.

Win Big With Different Types of Sports Betting

Sports betting has become big business across the U.S. and the world. If you want to start betting beyond your office pool, you need to understand the different types of sports betting.

Knowing what they are can make you a sophisticated gambler and give you a better chance to win. You can play using straight bets, pari-mutuel betting, and in-game bets.

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