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How To Plan The Perfect Girls Trip To Mykonos

By admin / February 5, 2019

A girls trip can be the perfect excuse to get out of the UK and get some sun with your friends. Of course, planning a girls trip is not always easy when everyone has different schedules and preferences on where you go. In 2019, one of the best places to go on a girls trip […]


5 of the Most Expensive Suburbs in Sydney

By admin / January 22, 2019

Sydney is one of the most sought after locations for a nest egg at the moment and its house prices are a good match for that. With homes easily grabbing multi-million dollar sums, getting your hands on property in Sydney can be an exhausting battle. However, with perseverance and the right lender, you can secure […]


Jason Proch – Warning For New Yorkers Coming to the UK

By admin / January 19, 2019

I met my good friend and business partner Jason Proch during a business conference in New York about a decade ago and shortly after the conference we decided to go into business together. Unfortunately our idea didn’t really work in the American market so we came back across to the UK were it has really […]


Raising Kids in Australia as an Expat

By admin / January 18, 2019

Australia is a popular destination for expats families and is ranked the 9th best country to raise kids in as an expat. According to a survey carried out on 5000 expats, Australia is a brilliant place for raising children because it offers a wide variety of services and facilities. The properties available are usually large, […]


Raj Dharampuriya On Life in England

By admin / January 18, 2019

I first met Raj Dharampuriya when I arrived at medical school and he had recently moved to England from Pakistan. We hit it off straight away and our love for both medicine and food was what brought us together. As the years went on I would end up living with Raj Dharampuriya and finishing our […]


Signs That You Have Found the Perfect Large House for a Weekend Rental

By admin / January 9, 2019

Finding the perfect large house to rent for the weekend is not easy. You need to find a balance between a home that has everything you need but is still within the budget that you set. Of course, you already know that you might have to splurge because you will be renting a luxury property. […]


How to Travel Like A Local, Not a Tourist

By admin / January 3, 2019

You don’t really get to experience a new place (and sometimes culture) if you get sucked into tourist traps for the entirety of the trip. Of course, a visit to the Eiffel Tower while in Paris is a must, but the top tourist destinations should be the sprinkles on a vacation—not the entire meal. Fortunately, […]


5 Things Travelers Who Take Medication Need to Know

By admin / January 1, 2019

If you take medications regularly, simply packing ’em up and heading off to the airport is not the only thing you need to prepare for. Other countries can have very different laws and regulations when it comes to prescription (or even non-prescription) medications. Here are six important things to keep in mind if you’re an […]


The Best Safari Parks in Tanzania

By admin / December 21, 2018

While there are several safari parks in north and east Africa, few locations are as popular as Tanzania. This destination represents a true slice of African wilderness, while nearly 40% of all land in the region is devoted to conserving and safeguarding local wildlife. However, while booking a trip to Tanzania may be a no-brainer […]


Convenient Tips for Travelers

By admin / December 20, 2018

The Basic Many people travel the world on a regular basis. For those who already have enough experience, the process of planning the journey is second nature. However, for those of us that are first-time travelers, the thought of traveling by oneself can be intimidating and off-putting. One of the most fundamental things to take […]

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