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Quick Tips for a Better Memory

By admin / January 23, 2018

A good memory is an asset for life. Everyone occasionally loses track of names, things or work etc. But this can be of huge inconvenience if you end up forgetting important information such as an exam date or presentation material, an important office meeting or even to pick up your kid from football practice! Here […]


5 Unique Ideas That Tempt You To Go With Custom Wear

By admin / January 22, 2018

Are you one of those who always dares to be different? If you said “yes,” you’re an early adaptor of the trend of custom wear. After all, customization reflects in each of your belongings – be it your truly special watch, that colorful top, or those pair of comfortable jeans you just ordered online. If […]


Tips for Choosing an Outstanding Venue for an Indian Wedding

By admin / January 17, 2018

Indian weddings are special and they are like no other. The richness of the Indian culture is in full display during a wedding. The final results are jaw dropping. Although the final results are amazing, working behind the scenes is such a huge hassle. You’ve probably already spent hours of your time on the internet […]


Consult A Ticket Attorney When You Received A Traffic Ticket

By admin / January 17, 2018

Whichever country you are in, finding yourself driving for the first time in the city could be a harrowing experience if you are so used to driving in the countryside or rural areas where the road traffic is so much lighter. City roads are usually congested with heavy traffic, and if you are not familiar […]


Hairdressers are Not the Only Ones at Fault for Hair Damage

By admin / January 12, 2018

  After a trip to the salon that ended up with a disaster, the hairdresser is definitely the culprit. You will blame the person for not providing you with quality service. Worse, you ended up with an injury. You could have bald spots caused by the wrong chemicals being used. You could also have thinner […]


Visiting A New City

By admin / January 2, 2018

Life will really be boring if we have to get stuck in one place all the time. Sometimes it is good to go out and explore other places. This may seem frightening for some people but if you can muster the courage to take that brave decision, you will realize it was all worth the […]


6 Key Exercises for Beginners in the Gym

By admin / December 28, 2017

If you plan starting at the gym, there are basics you need to know for you to obtain the results you desire. Usually, most people fear going to the gym simply because they aren’t sure what to do there. You may have set goals you need to achieve at a set time, like getting a […]


How to recover from a running injury

By admin / December 22, 2017

No runner wants to get behind with training. The dreams you have of crossing the finishing line with a personal best can come true by taking some simple steps to prevent running injuries from occurring in the first place. It can be so demoralizing to be constantly hampered by injuries; exercise should lift your spirits, […]


3 Reasons Why You Should Be a Risk-taker

By admin / December 21, 2017

Source: Pexels Caption: No risks, no rewards! Oftentimes, taking risks is frowned upon. However, it’s been proven that risk-takers are usually the most successful people. Think about the cryptocurrency investors, stud poker players, and stock market traders. Those are some of the riskiest business or hobbies to be in. Although, each of those is perceived […]

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