Effective Uses of Mixer Grinder

By admin / June 25, 2020

Machine grinder these days are one of the most crucial machines of the modern kitchen. It saves a lot of time and allows quick cooking. It eases out the work of grinding and also makes the job of pressing and crushing spices easy especially in Indian households. With a faster job, it decreases the effort put into cooking as well. It has the capability of replacing many equipment and if used efficiently could serve for years.

In this busy lifestyle the concept of versatility is required even it comes to a common appliance at home. Generally, mixer grinder has a different jar for dry and wet grinding while some grinders also offer a completely separate grinder for chutney. If you are reading this to know more about the effective use of mixer grinder and finally buying one then make sure to know about the product from the best site for finding reviews.

Let’s dive into the 5-effective use of mixer grinder

Making Processed Sugar

Processed sugar is used in many dishes like baking cake and also is used by people in general who serve tea without sugar. Mixer grinder could be used to grind the normal sugar into processed sugar and could then be kept in a dry container at a cool place for later use. This is a very common use of mixer grinder in many households.

Idli Dosa Batter

Idli Dosa is not anymore the dish restricted to Southern part of India. Now they are cooked at every home and loved by everyone as well. A good mixer grinder helps in making a fine paste of dal and rice so that the idlis are fluffy. This job is almost impossible without the mixer grinder.

Grinding Spices

Any grinded spice are available outside in the market which people purchase. There are still many households where people grind their spices. It is one of the primary jobs of the mixer. The most common spices used daily like cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom etc could be grinded in the mixer easily. Also, with spices grinder at your home it is easy to define the thickness of the grinding as well.

Ginger Garlic Paste

The most essential part of our food which is known to enhance the taste and fragrance as well could be prepared in a mixer grinder. The paste is mainly used when cooking non-veg to get rid of the bacteria.

Making Juices

Grinder could be used to make prune juices and seasonal fruit juices as well.

These are the 5-effective use of a mixer grinder. I hope this was different from the best mixer grinder reviews and you will get most out of your grinder.

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