Trugreen Lawn Care on How to Renew a Tired Lawn

By admin / March 6, 2018

When you don’t look after your lawn properly, it will start to look tired. What few people know, however, is that looking after a lawn properly takes more than treating it with pesticides and fertilizer, watering it, and mowing it regularly. This is because there are bigger issues at play, found within the soil. Trugreen Lawn Care, therefore, feels it is important that people gain a greater understanding of the soil, but also of what to do about it.

The Importance of Soil

Soil is different everywhere in the country. The ground in Knoxville, for instance, is wholly different from that in Atlanta. Indeed, this is why some types of grass will fare great in one area and terribly in another. But there are some things that are the same for all types of soil. The ground contains all the nutrients and water that plants need, while also draining excess water away, so that roots can obtain oxygen. Meanwhile, it is also the home of millions of different organisms that all play an important role. The ground goes through a lot as well because of the weather and of the way we use it. This is why it is important to treat it properly every once in a while.

Trugreen Lawn Care on Looking After Your Soil

Essentially, you need to slow down the degradation of your soil. Don’t walk on it if you don’t need to, and definitely stay off it when it is wet. You should also properly aerate your lawn. You may require an aerator for that, so that you can put holes in that are deep enough. Many people decide to bring in an external company for this, checking out a review or two on Consumer Affairs, Glassdoor, or Yelp. It is better to do that than to believe you can simply aerate your lawn by poking it with a fork or wearing golf shoes, those spikes simply do not go deep enough.

You also need to add more organic matter to the group. Between 3% and 6% of your soil should be made up of organic matter, but it usually is closer to 0% on lawn soil. Hence, make sure you spread a bit of compost on your lawn when spring approaches. Keep your sprinkler heads exposed, however. There are millions of microorganisms in compost, and that is required to keep your lawn healthy.

You may also need to overseed your lawn. You should do this, depending on the overall condition of your lawn, every three to five years. You should do that all over your lawn as well, and not just on the bare spots. This is also because most seeds contain a combination of different grasses, and by overseeding the entire lawn, you make sure none of the different types start to take over the entire lawn.

Having a beautiful lawn takes a lot of work, similar to your home interior, but it is thankful work that you can enjoy. And if you don’t, you can always choose to bring in a company like True Green to do it for you.

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